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What is the priority access list?

The priority access list entitles 500 people from each city to get exclusive access to Saṃsāra two-weeks before the official market launch. Once the maiden batch is ready for priority release in your city, you will receive a notification with a digital coupon number and a secret store location. During our priority release period, Saṃsāra will be retailed only to people that hold the priority access coupon.


What is the promotional offer?

The promotional offer will be available to the first 300 people on the priority access list in each city. The promotional offer will vary from city to city and may involve cash discounts, official Saṃsāra merchandise or curious gifts from our master distiller and partner brands. 

What location is the priority access list available in?

Entry to the priority access list is location agnostic. However, the priority access coupon will only be allotted when Saṃsāra officially launches in your city. As of now, Saṃsāra will be launched in Goa by September 2020.


Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and select cities in the United States will follow soon. In case we get an overwhelming response from any particular city, we will ensure we get there at lightning speed!  

Can the bottle be mailed to me?

No - Unless the local law permits delivery of alcoholic beverages in your city we cannot ship any bottles. Bottles must be purchased in person from an authorised priority access store. 

How long will you hold my bottle?

Bottles will be on reserve for two weeks after you receive the priority access coupon. During our priority release period, Saṃsāra will be retailed at a secret location only to people that hold the priority access coupon.


What happens after the priority release period?

After the priority release period of two weeks, Saṃsāra will be available for the general public depending on the availability of stock. An announcement on our social media handles will give you the exact dates of general release and the list of stores, bars and restaurants where we'll be available.

What does the bottle look like?



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